Thank you to the sponsors of the Wish Upon A Star Gala.
The Salisbury School hosts a gala each year to make up for the difference between tuition charges and the true cost of providing a quality education we all desire for our children. The funds raised go directly to support and enhance   our educational programs, maintain and expand our facility, hire and retain outstanding faculty, and offer scholarships to students in need of financial aid.  Rather than spend countless hours selling items like pizza’s or giftwrap and raising small amounts, we use the gala to raise additional funds needed using almost all volunteer hours.  The gala has typically been held at Seacrets, which is owned by a current grandparent and past Board Member, who generously provides us this location.  The venue is casual and guests can opt to dress according to the theme or just wear whatever they feel most comfortable in.   Most of the faculty attends the gala and is a wonderful place to meet your child’s teacher or parents of his/her classmates in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  It is also the perfect place to buy holiday gifts or take home artwork that your child had a hand in creating.  This years gala will be held at Seacrets in Ocean City on November 7 from 6:30p.m. til 12:00a.m.
The gala is a large endeavor and takes a lot of volunteer hours to pull off. As a parent you can do the following to help make it a huge success:
  1. Buy tickets to the gala ($100/each) and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  You do NOT have to be affiliated with the school to attend.
  2. Solicit donations from area businesses you frequent.    Furniture, jewelry, artwork, clothing, services (photograpy, manicure, hair style, etc), everywhere you go, imagine if there is something that you can turn into a gala item.  Remember that the company or person donating gets a tax deduction but even more importantly, their business gets advertisement as we flash the logos of the businesses who donate on the big screen TVs all over Seacrets and this year they will be featured on the auction website as well.
  3. Donate something!  Frequent Flier Miles, Themed Basket
    (see attached) , Cookies of the month, toys, books, Party at your house, Provide a dinner, Flowers.  Be creative!!
  4. Become a sponsor.  See attached form. Different levels come with free tickets to the gala.
  5. Donate something to the class silent auction item.  Each class donates an item that will be listed in the Silent Auction.  These are usually themed Baskets that the class rep comes up with and sends parents a list of items they want to put in the basket.   Some classes buy a more expensive item and ask for cash contributions to purchase  it.
  1. Each Class is also asked to donate a Live Auction Item.  These items are usually handmade by the students (with a lot of help from our wonderful Art Teachers) and are some of the highest yielding items as parents have bidding wars with parents in the same class or sometimes they are so extraordinary parents from other classes bid on them!      Some examples from last year are shown below: 
  1. Help by giving your time and talents by doing one of the following:
    1. Help organize the Middle School Commons on Nov 5th.  This involves arriving between 9-4pm and helping to organize the gala items by category. May have to put some last minute baskets together, place numbers on each item and make sure all are accounted for.  All baskets must be properly decorated with wrap, bows and a list of all items in basket. After the items are all arranged we will have parents preview the items.
    2. Thursday, Nov 6th. We will walk the kids through the MS Commons
      (all grades) and make wish lists to send home to their parents. When this is done we need help to pack everything up and load the truck to go to Seacrets. Hopefully by noon or 1pm.
    3. Also Thursday morning 9- 4pm, we need a group of people to decorate Seacrets with the Star theme and white lights.  When the truck gets there with the items we need to unload and arrange all items by color category.
    4. Friday, finish up anything that is not done the day before. 
    5. Help make and decorate baskets from the items that are donated. Large Baskets can be donated to help with this as well.  We can start doing this a couple of weeks before the auction.

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