The Lower School values the joy and wonder young children possess as they enter school. Our Montessori roots are evident as students can be observed engaging in hands on, discovery activities. We strive to capture that sense of wonder and nurture it into a lifetime love of learning.

The diverse and unique qualities and interest of each child are recognized and encouraged in developing a child for success emotionally, socially, and academically. A love of learning is fostered by enabling students to follow their curiosity, think creatively, and work independently and collaboratively.

Our architecture speaks to our expectations of being part of a community that values learning and promotes interpersonal skills. Our library serves as the heart of the school to the open classrooms that encircle it. Its physical importance supports our belief that reading and searching for knowledge and information is central to life success and should be a part of our everyday lives. The community is also fostered by open cubbies, unlocked space, and earned freedom within the school building. Through modeling, role playing, and discussions we explore appropriate attitudes and responses to be a part of a school family that is respected and valued.

We recognize that education is not a race and that a great span exists in each child's school readiness, therefore developmentally appropriate learning opportunities are provided for students. We embrace those differences by not awarding letter or numerical grades but rather specific information during conferences and in reports as to each child's personal growth and accomplishments. A combination of assessments allow teachers to understand each student's strengths and weaknesses and adjust instruction to meet those needs.

Color and noise abounds in Lower School as creativity and collaboration are fostered through the arts. Students, beginning in Pre-K, benefit from the early exposure to both Mandarin and Spanish. Participating in the arts, our students make connections to their classroom experiences to further them cognitively and physically (especially employing fine motor skills). Physical education and outside recess are embraced to help our children learn healthy balanced life choices.

As students pass through the tunnel on the way to Middle School we celebrate the individuals that they have become during our care and the global citizens they will grow to be in the future.