Experiential learning promotes the idea that life provides opportunities to learn both inside and outside the classroom. In Lower School students use the many architecturally interesting spaces in the building as well as the lovely wooded area surrounding it to develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences. Whether it is our smallest students collecting leaves and rocks to our older students planting and harvesting the school garden, children learn that adventure surrounds them. Learning goes beyond the campus as well when students travel to Baltimore to conclude their study of marine animals or to Annapolis to tour the colonial buildings or maybe around the corner to the fire department or local landfill.

Developing global citizens is further developed as our students participate in our community service program, Community Connections, developed by the local United Way. Each grade has the opportunity to learn about the needs of the community and then become actively involved in making a difference. From book drives for local shelters, to baking cookies for our community helpers, students give back to those who are in need or those who make our community a better, safer place.

Our students get to experience the democratic process and develop leadership skills as they participate in Lower School SGA. The elected Mayor of the school greets students every day in the tunnel and acts as the ambassador during school events. Class representatives bring concerns to the Mayor and his/her cabinet that will go to vote during regular SGA meetings.

Global Awareness Day is the most cherished and anticipated experiential day of the school year. Students across all divisions delve into an extensive study of a different country each year. The study culminates with a school wide transformation complete with a day of culture that includes a meal indicative of the country.
Whether travels takes students 20 yards or 20 miles away, the world is their classroom to connect and integrate concrete experiences.