The Middle School Music curriculum at The Salisbury School uses music techniques, theory, technology, performance, and composition to create a diverse musical education for all Middle School students. Students attend three weekly classes and are encouraged to explore their musical talents through singing, instruments, theory, movement, and desk work.

Students opting out of band class may continue general music where they start an intense curriculum on the history of Broadway, Rock and Roll, composers, and advanced theory.

Chorus is also an optional music choice.


The Middle School Art program is process-centered, which fosters independence, critical thinking, and creativity. Rather than using an adult's artwork as a model when creating their own projects, students are taught the skills necessary to create art in multiple mediums, and are then encouraged to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with that knowledge. The exploration is as important as the final product.

Our students are treated like co-creators within, and as individuals with relevant ideas about, the learning process. Their creative abilities flourish when they are allowed to choose topics that are relevant to their lives, and they understand that their ideas and opinions matter. Class time in the art barn is spent generating creative ideas and problem-solving --- skills essential to mastering material in every discipline.


The Middle School Band meets during the academic day for 6th and 7th grade students. This band is more advanced than other area middle school bands because the majority of the students already have 2-3 years of experience on their instrument. Tutoring and assistance is available for incoming students who may not bring the same amount of experience when they arrive at TSS. Student musicians are often interested in singing and playing instruments and we believe that they should be able to do so. Students who wish, can participate in both Band and Chorus throughout their years at TSS. The Middle School Band performs in the annual MS & US Concerts and assemblies.