Creativity is an imperative and highly sought after skill in today’s ever changing world. No matter which path students pursue, experience in art will enhance their lives, strengthen their ability to solve problems, understand others, and appreciate the world around them. Like math or reading, this skill can be learned and is critical for a balanced education. Our art classes are educational experiences centered on encouraging creativity in a structured, but fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The curriculum emerges out of student directed learning and is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of each student. This approach treats each individual as an artist and offers students several choices for expressing their ideas.The courses have a strong emphasis on the elements and principles of design and are learned through a variety of diverse mediums including traditional drawing and painting, as well as welding, ceramics, glass bead making, stained glass, digital, batik and more. Giving students the choice of how to best express themselves engages them in their own learning, gets them excited about the artwork they are creating and produces a more authentic expression of their ideas. They will gain an understanding, knowledge and appreciation of materials, tools, techniques, historical and cultural influential factors and learn to analyze, evaluate and discuss work of art. Students will receive the best art education possible while developing their creative confidence, discovering their full creative potential and enjoying the process of creating art.

Performing Arts


The Salisbury School is proud to enhance its arts program with a well-developed Concert Choir. Made up of 9th to 12th grade students, the chorus participates in many in-school and community-driven performances throughout the school year. Chorus members also have the option of auditioning for and participating in All-Shore Chorus every year. Several students decide to continue on to the All-State level chorus as well. The course builds on music theory with more in-depth learning after each subsequent year of chorus completion. The class prides itself in choosing music that is both relevant to the students as well as challenging. The department also boasts a very successful chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society.


The theatre program at The Salisbury School is deeply rooted in theatrical history as well as multiple opportunities each year for experiential learning. The program is very hands on and focuses on forming students that are well-rounded in the theatrical world. This includes technical theatre, directing and producing, and acting. The Introduction to Theatre class offers an introductory course for students who are new to theatre and who wish to experience all facets of theatre. The Theatre II class offers a more in-depth course in Shakespeare and other major playwrights, as well as many opportunities for students to experience student-directing and producing actual school shows. The theatre program at The Salisbury School requires students to participate in the All School Musical every year, and students find this opportunity very enriching and rewarding, whether they are acting on stage, helping run the tech booth, or moving the set.

Concert Band

The Upper School Concert Band meets during the academic day and is for 8th -12th grade students.  The band learns advanced music theory and applies it to a wide variety of music which they perform as they prepare to enter the collegiate world.  The Concert Band plays pep band music for sporting events, as well as jazz and traditional concert band repertoire. Several students in the Concert Band have also been accepted into community orchestras and honor bands outside of the academic day.