To meet the challenges posed by rapid change and cultural diversity, we must design curriculum on the premise that students do not merely receive meaning from texts, but also engage in individual and collaborative interpretation of texts, problems, events, and situations. Technology can equip faculty with the means to develop new and exciting avenues for instruction. The school network is accessible from every classroom and office. Upper School students are required to purchase a notebook computer. Details are available from the Systems Administrator and the school website. All students must comply with the school’s acceptable use policy, a document that is shared directly with students and also posted for reference.

Tech on Campus


Wireless technology has expanded our network to add flexibility and to enhance accessibility. Access Points can be found in many locations on campus to provide wireless access anywhere on campus.

Google Apps for Education

We are a Google Apps school. Our faculty, staff, and students all have access to the Google Apps suite. Google Drive allows for collaboration on projects and assignments between faculty and students. We use Google Mail (GMail) as our email service, which is accessible by faculty, staff, and students (6th Grade and up only).

Computer Courses

During the 2013-2014 school year we piloted a Computer Science class. The class transitioned from programming to learning about how computers work. We are proud to continue offering this class going forward. The class will deal with the hardware and software aspects of how computers work, including networks. The class will have practical hands-on-experience working on actual computers and networks.