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Tuition & Tailored Tuition

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2024-2025 Tuition

Pre-K 3 and 4 year olds (half day program)    $ 7,300.00
Kindergarten (full day)       13,250.00
Grades 1-5       15,750.00
Grades 6-8       16,950.00
Grades 9-12       17,500.00
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Extended Day and Transportation


       Tuition Payment Options

Tailored Tuition

As part of our mission, The Salisbury School believes our diverse community is a valuable asset and we are committed to sustaining this for future generations.

We care deeply about every student's growth, happiness, and success, including the well-being of their families. We take pride in providing a custom-tailored educational experience to every student and family, which is why we've developed our Tailored Tuition program. This unique program provides families of all backgrounds and circumstances access to a high-quality, private school education.

Currently, 28% of The Salisbury School community takes part in our Tailored Tuition Program, and we aim to grow this in 2024.  We utilize a third-party platform to process our Tailored Tuition Program online applications. Based on the financial information you provide on this comprehensive form, The Salisbury School will receive an estimated amount your family can contribute towards tuition. We will then be in touch to work together to determine the next steps.

Fees & Deadlines

The Salisbury School urges you to complete and submit all required documents by March 1st. While we carefully consider applications received during the spring and summer, we cannot guarantee that additional tuition funding sources will be available. There is a Yearly Capital and Technology Fee of $650.00 per student. Tuition includes textbooks (AP text extra fee), Chromebooks for grades 5-8, art, science, and athletic fees, as well as PSAT and graduation fees.

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        Applying for Tailored Tuition Program