Our Mission

The Salisbury School engages each student in a demanding college preparatory education based on rigorous academics, experiential learning while uncovering the maximum intellectual, physical, and artistic potential of each student. Starting with development of a life long love of learning in primary grades and ending with advanced placement curriculum in Upper School, graduating students are prepared for the highest levels of academic pursuit and are ready to lead a well-rounded life of purpose and creativity. This experience is conducted in an innovative environment that values independent thinking, community responsibility, a strong sense of inner discipline, the ability to embrace life’s challenges with confidence, and a willingness to explore cultural differences with an open mind.
Nurturing Hearts . . . Cultivating Minds

Our Philosophy

The Salisbury School strives to promote a love of learning in an atmosphere in which individual students are encouraged to compete only with themselves as they strive to achieve a level of excellence that reflects their best personal effort and full potential— a genuine and meaningful accomplishment that does not come at the expense of others.

As preparation both for college and for life, The Salisbury School seeks to give each of its students the true understanding that comes after serious thought and a broad and deep exploration of core curricular material including arts and athletics.

The Salisbury School values a nurturing environment that teaches ethical values and creates a community in which treating others with respect and kindness is expected.

The Salisbury School genuinely seeks to be a diverse community of learners and a community that seeks to graduate students who have developed a strong sense of inner confidence and conviction, and the desire to lead creative and purposeful lives.

Our Shared Values

As a community of learners we value:

  • Academic rigor and well-defined standards for performance
  • Intellectual curiosity and love of learning
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Respect, responsibility, and accountability throughout our community
  • The search for truth and purpose
  • Knowing, supporting, and mentoring one another
  • Racial, ethnic, and economic diversity
  • Well-established channels of communication, both formal and informal
  • A student teacher ratio that fosters individual attention and enrichment
  • Parental volunteerism and support