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Board of Trustees

Wood ceiling of the upper school dome


The Board of Trustees is a self-perpetuating volunteer board made up of parents, grandparents, and members of communities of the Lower Eastern Shore. It is a deliberative board, not a representational board, which is to say that individual board members do not represent specific constituent groups. Rather, they collectively represent the entire school. Members are not elected at large, but invited by the Board’s Committee on Trustees. The Board’s function is not tactical; it is strategic. It is not involved directly in the day-to-day function of the school except through its only employees - the Head of School and CFO. However, it has responsibility for the long-term success of the school and its financial well-being.

Board Members

J. Scott Robertson


Monty Sayler

Vice Chair

Gerard Hogan


Leann Mah


Gil Allen

Letitia Banks

Amy Brothers

John Custis

Jenny Donoway

Faculty Rep

Clay Elliott

Head of School

Chris Hayes

Kelley Keeler Short

Neoklis Kypreos

Jamie LeCates


Sarah Matyiko

Kevin Myers

Pamela Oland

Steven Robinson


  • Appoints, supports, and measures the performance of the Headmaster and CFO.
  • Constantly strives to clarify the mission of the school.
  • Creates and updates our long-range plans.
  • Broadly approves the educational program.
  • Ensures strong financial management and sufficient financial resources for the future.
  • Represents the school to the larger community.
  • Assesses its own performance.

The Salisbury School is especially fortunate to have such a committed and generous group working for the fulfillment of our mission.