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Mission and Vision

Three boys building with lego type shapes


The Salisbury School is a community of learners who reach their individual potential through an experiential, college-bound curriculum. Our whole-child approach develops caring, confident students who are prepared to thrive as global citizens.

Nurturing Hearts . . . Cultivating Minds


The Salisbury School strives to promote a love of learning in an atmosphere in which individual students are encouraged to compete only with themselves as they strive to achieve a level of excellence that reflects their best personal effort and full potential — a genuine and meaningful accomplishment that does not come at the expense of others.
As preparation both for college and for life, The Salisbury School seeks to give each of its students the true understanding that comes after serious thought and a broad and deep exploration of core curricular material including arts and athletics.
The Salisbury School values a nurturing environment that teaches ethical values and creates a community in which treating others with respect and kindness is expected.
The Salisbury School genuinely seeks to be a diverse community of learners and a community that seeks to graduate students who have developed a strong sense of inner confidence and conviction, and the desire to lead creative and purposeful lives.

Inspired Imaginations


The Salisbury School’s mission statement commits the school to educate students who will thrive as global citizens. The phrase, global citizen, affirms the importance of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to create an environment in which our students learn to espouse and appreciate the many differences that make up our community, our country, and our world.
This commitment informs our approach to teaching and learning, our language and conversations, and our creation of a safe, diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for all. This commitment is not static but remains an on-going and steadfast pursuit as we meet the needs of an ever-changing world.