Parents and Friends is a formal group of parents that facilitate parent participation within TSS.  These parents help faculty and administration embrace the school mission statement and help to coordinate the many special events held on and off of The Salisbury School campus.
The structure of P&F's is a selected President, VP for each division of the school, and each grade is represented by a parent representative.   Responsibilities of a parent representative include: making contact and welcoming any new families that join their grade as well as attending the monthly P&F's meeting and reporting back to class parents. Communication via emails and phone calls by the representative is essential to the success of these school wide events.


Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheons:  
There are five luncheons during a school year that P&F sponsor for our wonderful faculty and staff.  The Lower School luncheon is held in the fall, a Holiday luncheon in December, sponsored by the entire school, Upper School luncheon in February, Middle School luncheon in April, and End-of-Year luncheon in May, again sponsored by the entire school.  We will ask for donations of food, depending on which division is sponsoring.  Sometimes, we have the luncheons catered and may ask for monetary donations.
Grandparent’s Day:  
Grandparent’s Day is held in the spring, the Wednesday before Easter break.  We invite our grandparents and special friends to join us at school for a half-day of fun activities.  Parents & Friends will help organize the refreshments for our guests.  We will ask parents for donations of food for this event.
Global Awareness Day:  
Each year, our school travels to a different country to study its customs, food, and way of life.  The culmination of this year long study, is Global Awareness Day. Usually held in the spring, we enjoy a day of activities, music, guest speakers, dance, and food all in the theme of the country we have been studying.  P&F will help to decorate the classrooms and common areas, organize volunteers, and cook traditional food for the giant feast in the Upper School.  Many parent volunteers will be needed as well as donations of food and/or money to support this exciting day at TSS.

Please realize that all donations are completely voluntary and not in anyway required.

In addition to class specific needs, we also organize or help to organize:

Homecoming Carnival:
Each class will present a game or activity.  The Parent Representative will organize this activity with help from parents in their class, and may ask for donations.
The Gala is our school’s biggest fundraiser of the year.  Parent Representatives each create a Live Auction and Silent Auction item. The Live item will involve the children in the class, by creating or decorating the item. The Silent Auction item is usually a themed basket that the Parent Rep will put together with donations of items.
Parents & Friends could not do any of this without your support!  Our parents and volunteers are what help make TSS a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow.