Student Government

All students in grades first through eighth are members of Lower and Middle School Student Government. Elections for officers are held each fall with meetings occurring monthly. Student committees assume the responsibility for certain aspects of school life from the Post Office, to special days, to charitable contributions. Students raise, discuss, and vote on issues that concern them.

The format is much like that of a Town Meeting and issues are discussed in the spirit of “what is good for the school.” Representatives from each class meet regularly to assist the student government officers.

Upper School students will elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer to represent them each year and oversee student government meetings. In addition, the students in each Upper School grade level will elect class officers to be responsible for class business. A formal charter details rights and responsibilities.


Each club or student organization has a faculty moderator. The faculty moderator will: guide the student group in the writing of a mission statement; facilitate the selection of group leaders; moderate; advise, and serve as a resource at meetings; advise and assist students as they consider and determine projects and activities to promote the mission; introduce the students as they apply the process to projects and activities.

Current clubs and organizations include: Student Government, Ivy League Model United Nations, Mock Trial, National Honor Society, Yearbook, The Literary Magazine, Art Honor Society, Music Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Math Olympiad, Chorus, Intra-club Council, Key Club, Academic Challenge Team, Green Club, Ping Pong, and Dragon Ambassadors.

Student initiative, enthusiasm, leadership, and responsibility fuel all clubs and organizations. The faculty and administration encourage and welcome student initiative in the formation of new clubs and organizations.