Community Service at The Salisbury School opens the hearts and minds of our students to the reality of other members of their community.

This program often allows our students to become acquainted with people dealing with a variety of challenges and obstacles in their daily lives—people that most of them do not usually associate with on a regular basis. The relationships that our students form with these people allow them to understand the challenges and hopes of these people on a deeper, more personal level. As a result, it is our hope that they will develop empathy and compassion for these individuals, which will inform the personal and professional decisions that they make throughout their lives.

Our program is designed to meet a wide range of pressing needs in our community. From class focused activities in the Lower and Middle School, to our 60 hour individual service projects for students in the Upper School, The Salisbury School reaches out to create strong individual and institutional relationships, which in turn strengthen our community.

Focus Areas

Kindergarten: Hunger
1st Grade: Community Heroes
2nd Grade: Community Safety
3rd Grade: Literacy
4th Grade: Environment
5th Grade: Poverty & Homelessness
6th Grade: Emergency Services
7th Grade: Aging and Senior Needs
8th Grade: Substance Abuse
9th Grade: Disabilities
10th - 12th:
The Good L.U.K (Lifting Up Kids) CLUB
The Health NUTS (Helping those who suffer)
The C.A.R.E (Caring for R Elderly) BEARS
The F.U.N. (Fillin’ Up on Nutrition) CLUB
The R.A.K (Random Acts of Kindness) PACK

Other community service projects are Key Club, Blood Drive, and Dragon Dollar Days which donate money generated from our casual Fridays to a charitable cause.