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College Counseling

The Salisbury School is widely recognized by colleges and universities for its balance of academic rigor, experiential learning, and fostered leadership. Our students graduate as scholars who demonstrate an ability to think critically, to explore a variety of perspectives, to look for creative solutions, and who embrace inquiry-based learning.

Contact Information

Gracie Ruark
College Counselor
410-742-4464, ext. 184
Leadership is encouraged in athletics, the arts, and a variety of academically focused clubs, as well as in exploring new ideas and experiences during the many experiential learning opportunities available. A comprehensive and intentional college placement program provides a foundation for students to understand best fit for post-secondary education.

The college placement program provides a College Prep class each year in Upper School. Starting with the freshman year, students are guided through self-reflection, study skills, leadership skills, and building a portfolio. Sophomore and junior years continue with building a portfolio, test prep, and guided skill building for the college admission process. Senior year completes the portfolio and begins the transition to college. This College Prep class supplements the one-on-one guidance from the College Placement office where students work towards individual goals, focusing on academic and personal interests and strengths. Information nights are offered for families on pertinent college admission topics.

A broad range of colleges and universities visit The Salisbury School each year to speak with prospective students. The Salisbury School’s College Placement maintains a blog with helpful resources for families anticipating and in the college admission process.

Families choose The Salisbury School as an academic experience that has a proven track record in graduating students who become active citizens of the world. The College Placement office works to provide the best continuing opportunities for each student in their post-secondary experience.