“What can I do today to make a difference for The Salisbury School students of the future?”
The answer is simple.  The Evergreen Society recognizes those who have thoughtfully included The Salisbury School in their estate plan.  Whether a straightforward bequest or complex trust arrangement, an estate gift is a meaningful way to ensure the strength of the institution for generations to come.
Becoming an Evergreen Society member is not complicated.  If TSS is already a part of your estate plan, simply fill out the Evergreen Society Enrollment Form.  If not, including a gift to the school can be as simple as making TSS a beneficiary of an IRA or insurance policy, or using the sample language below to include a bequest in your will. 
We are grateful to those who consider taking steps to ensure the future of The Salisbury School.  Please feel free to contact the foundation for more information.
Sample bequest language:
I hereby give, devise, and bequeath (the sum of ___$) or (___ percent of my estate) or (specific items of property) or (the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) to The Salisbury School Educational Foundation, 6279 Hobbs Road, Salisbury, Maryland, to be used at the discretion of its governing board.